Design, Analysis, and Product Development

I am a consulting engineer, physicist, inventor, machinist, and historian: a professional who wears as many hats as it takes to create clever solutions to mechanical challenges. Engineering is by definition an applied science, which I practice by combining the best of both traditional and modern techniques.

With 18 years of experience in a range of industries, I bring my skills to bear on engineering problems in aerospace, offshore, robotics, consumer products, and any other context where demanding requirements, harsh environments, or other challenges require specialized engineering.

I have extensive experience as both a design and analysis engineer, in aerospace structure, subsea heavy equipment, thermal and acoustical modeling, and vibrations research, I am well-equipped to assess and solve a wide range of structural problems.

I understand, for example, when it is appropriate to use Finite Element Analysis and when a simple manual analysis is sufficient. Or that, while it is easy to create an FEA model that appears to be "good enough," creating one that produces accurate results requires real skill, attention to detail, and patience.

Likewise as a machinist I have a practical understanding of tolerances and what it takes to achieve them. By having control of the full process it makes me both a better designer and a better machinist.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more.